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Baguio Treats

My elder son just got home from a four-day vacation from Baguio and as always there are lots of take home treats for us. He and his friends took advantage of the long week-ends and headed to the summer capital.

Here we have strawberry jam – being one of the main products of the province. Then the ube jam, peanut brittle, cookies of different colors with the same flavor, chocolate chips cereal, and the famous ‘sundot-kulangot‘ a native sweet delicacy packed in miniature coconut like shell. I’m curious with this one as ages when I last tasted it, I was still small girl then and only had a tint of memory of its taste. Just quite disappointed that it didn’t live up to my expectation. From what my memory served me, I thought it was like a coco jam inside. Oh well…and speaking of coco jam, he forgot to bring one, sad, as it is my favorite sandwich filling.

Anyway, the small and big guys in the family gobbled it up, the cookies, choco cereals and peanut brittle are almost half now.  I still have to taste the strawberry and ube jam, have not opened yet the package or they will be gone in a minute.. lol..