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Protect your Home by Waterproofing the Basement




The basement can cause a lot of problems if it is not waterproof. Flooding can damage everything that is stored or being used in the basement as well as the foundation of the home. There are a number of reasons waterproofing can be a wise choice for home owners.

Home Protection

Once the decision to purchase a home is made, protecting this investment is just common sense. If the home is not maintained and improvements made from time to time, it will lose value. Waterproofing a basement is one of these improvements. Basements that are prone to flooding can cause a lot of problems including damage to the structure of the home.

Added Living Space

A dry and snug basement adds living space to the home. The basement can be used as a family room, game room, a play room for younger children, and many other purposes. Creating extra room using the basement is the easiest way to add extra space to the home. Even if it is only used for storage, no one wants their belongings getting ruined from water damage.

Breathing Problems can be the Result of a Damp Basement

Melting snow in northern areas can cause basement water problems. Rain can be another cause in any area. When the basement stays damp, as the water evaporates into the home it can cause high humidity which contributes to mold and an increase in dust mites. This can cause asthma and allergy problems. Highlander Waterproofing is an example of a company that can take care of basement waterproofing erie pa.

Humidity is a direct result of a leaking basement. The humidity adds to the cost of cooling the home in the summer and it can cause floor joists to rot. A continued problem with humidity can actually cause upper floors of the home to begin to sag. This affects the entire home’s foundation.

It may not always be apparent that a basement is leaking. Water standing in the floor is certainly a sign but there are others that may not be so obvious. Musty smells are an indication as well rust on metal surfaces of appliances or other items in the basement. An inspection of the basement periodically is a good way to spot a problem with leaking before it gets out of hand.