Happy Day Happy Meal

After attending my son’s graduation march in PICC, we head on to Mall of Asia (MOA)  since this is the nearest place to eat and satisfy our grumbling stomachs. We chose from the different food establishments there offering sumptuous meals. My eldest son who’s been craving for a steak chose the Holy Cow Steak Ranch and American Grill Resto because of their  cowboy theme and menus. lol.

We ordered different menus and here are some of them:

Ranch Steak and Ribs

Cowboy Burger and Chix for the little fellow

Crispy Fish fillet, fried rice and buttered veggies for me.

There are more to choose from. Each goes with your chosen soda or iced tea. When you add Php 49 you will get bottomless iced tea and chowder soup which we also took.

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