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How to Cook with Stainless Steel Cookware

stainless cookware

When reading about stainless steel cookware, you’re more likely than find “safety” features advised by shopping guides. There is no wonder because these types of cookware are very popular and the internet flooded with info about it. While it is generally safe without health risk involved, learn ways to use it safely before deciding to buy based on stainless steel cookware reviews.

A dose of information on stainless steel

As a material on cookware, stainless steel is durable. It can resist rust, wear and tear and pressure.  SS is also long lasting and inexpensive than other types of cookware.

What sound alarm to some are its nickel, iron and chromium content. Here’s a bit about these components:

Small amounts of iron aren’t poisonous. The same goes for nickel. However, it may trigger some reactions to allergic people. But then, using SS with nickel component does not add a huge amount of it to food.

Regarding chromium, SS has it too, but only in small doses, which are not bad for health.  A meal prepared in stainless steel cookware only gives consumers about 45 micrograms of the substance, which isn’t enough to cause concern.

Cooking with Stainless Steel Pots and Pans

Preheat the cookware before adding food to it.  Let it heat for up to two minutes and then add a little oil once it is preheated.

Avoid using plain SS cookware, but opt for 3-ply bonded construction. What goes here is a layer of pure aluminum on the core, which is then sandwiched by stainless steel.  With this construction, heat is spread evenly across the bottoms and up the sides.

You may also want to opt for models with stainless steel handles riveted to the pot or pan so that they can be used inside the oven. In that case, you don’t have to worry about melting plastic handles.

Go for pans and pots with rubberized handles if you’re cooking with kids. These handles stay cool to the touch and offer safety. If you already have SS cookware with metal handles, then get some rubberized handles, which can be slipped on the metal handles. However, be careful with them because they can slide off easily.

Cleaning Stainless Steel Cookware

Use warm and soapy water for daily cleaning. Make sure to do it after each cooking session to prevent food residue from sticking and building up, or else they will cause discoloration and make your cookware ugly.

To get rid of stains, discoloration and stuck-on food due to high heat, clean them right away using the Bar Keeper’s Friend. Just use a sponge and water and then make paste. You can use it on both the exterior and interior of the cookware.

Scrape off brown food bits at the bottom using a spatula while it is still hot so that you can remove them easily. You can also add some water or wine, and then boil it.  The browned bits will combine to the liquid and they can be removed easily.

Following these tips on how to cook with and clean stainless steel pots and pans will keep them shining and looking new.

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Catering Toothpicks and Other Supplies

Any special event needs to have a proper catering service in order to accommodate the taste buds of all guests. After all, visitors may develop a craving after watching presentations or celebrating a special occasion. Catering services actually may include much more than food and beverages. Toothpicks play a very important role in a proper full service catering. Custom toothpicks may be ordered to accommodate parties and other events with special themes. For example, a super bowl party could surely use toothpicks that are topped off with small figures of footballs. Sports themed toothpicks can be customized to feature small shapes of basketballs, baseballs, tennis balls and racquets, hockey pucks and much more.

party toothpickThe composition of a toothpick may also be important when selecting a catering service. For example, some low quality picks tend to easily break or snap. The best toothpicks are made of high quality wood that is rigid and doesn’t break easily. For example, bamboo toothpicks may be used for just about any catering occasion. Special knots and other designs can be included on the top of any toothpick. It’s important that guests don’t accidentally bite on or chew toothpicks that may be difficult to see. is an example of a catering supplier that offers toothpicks, skewers and other essential accessories for serving food.

The lower end of a pick should be sharp enough to go through sandwiches, meat and other common treats such as pastries. Additionally, catering picks are available in various lengths and thicknesses.


Cooking with Master Gene

In a recent event launched by Masflex and Chef Gene Gonzalez, friends and guests were treated to an awesome demonstration of Chef Gene’s skills at knifing, cutting, dicing, slicing, filleting, then finally cooking last October 16th at the The Loft in Rockwell.


Chef Gene is launching his own line of knives under the KitchenPro series, where he introduced guests to the simplicity and power of the 2 new lines called the Flair and Power. The Flair Handle series focuses on lightweight power of the knives that he recommends women use for food preparation because of its contoured handle that is perfect for the gentler sex. Meanwhile, the Power Handle, while also focusing on the power delivered, familiarizes users with its straight forward usage and is best for chefs and chefs-in-training for its durability.

Chef Gene also emphasized the importance of caring for the knives, because as we know most families own one common knife for the everyday use for almost everything. So along with the available knife set, he also included a honing tool perfect for keeping knives sharp at any given time. Even though he recommends using the honing knife, at average every three days, he also spoke of the need to sharpen knives once every month or so. This will ensure that our knives are well maintained and will deliver to its promise of long usage and durability.

Chef Gene

Along with his demonstration, guests were also treated to a gastronomic experience when snacks were served buffet style made by his sous chefs and chefs-in-training at the back kitchen.

collage2 Plus treats were given to all the guests who made it on that rainy day!


A lot of people love to cook and with this a good set of cooking tools is a must, from pots, to pans to knives. You can’t cut food ingredients without a good set of knives. Needless to say, there should be a good quality knife in every home.

But then again, not all have access nor have the knowledge about choosing the right knives for their cooking needs. Knives are definitely one of the most important tools people should invest in, and owning at least one good set pays dividends in the long run.

First, a really good knife helps cut down total preparation time, and makes cooking a breeze to allow you more time to experiment in the kitchen. Second, having a quality set of knives enables you to precisely chop, pare, slice or dice every ingredients and cut them cleanly the way top chefs do on TV.

The good thing is, Filipinos will now have access to quality a world-class knives as Chef Gene Gonzalez, a Filipino culinary icon who also owns top culinary schools, Center for Asian Culinary Studies (CACS), together with the makers of Masflex, will finally launch the Masflex KitchenPro Culinary Knife Collection in the country this year.

The Masflex KitchenPro Culinary Knife Collection features eight types of essential knives, each with a different functional use depending on the type of food:

  • Paring Knife -is handy and versatile knife for small cutting jobs.
  • Boning Knife – has a streamlined, narrow yet firm blade to help reach into bone and cartilage, slit and probe areas to debone or separate protein or tissue from the bone.
  • Fillet Knife – features a streamlined narrow and flexible blade that can debone, probe, deskin and separate protein tissue fro fillets, roulades and escalope.
  • Clever Knife – suited for mostly heavy work like chopping meat and vegetables for stir fry.
  • Santoku Knife – lightweight, scaled down with an Asian designed recessed kullens cutting edge is built for fast cutting tasks.
  • Serrated Knife – which needs no sharpening and best used to cut breads and slice cakes for layering and frosting with ease.
  • Slicing Knife – is made of streamlined blade built for slicing large fillets, roasts, processed meats like ham and slices cakes and crusts with accuracy and ease.
  • Chef’s Knife – the ultimate knife built for heavy tasks like cutting, chopping, slicing and mincing, and also provides stability, weight and enough slicing length for all kitchen activities.

The collection includes  3 types of Kitchen Shears; Basic, Multi-purpose and 5-in-1. The Shears can be used for clean, even cuts and shreds of fresh herbs and vegetables, and it also cuts through small bones in chicken and fish. Another important tools in the collection is the 14-inch Honing Steel, which is the longest honing steel available and only size Chef Gene prefers for daily honing of knives.

And to make the culinary enthusiast’s knife experience even greater, Chef Gene added the Knife Accessories that includes knife Guards to protect the knife blades, the Wall Mounted Magnetic Knife Holders for easy storage, and even a Hand Washing System to eliminate hard to remove  strong odors from a hands, fingers and nails due to handling, cutting and chopping all types of food.

With premium design, solid durability and competitive pricing, the Masflex KitchenPro Culinary Knife Collection is set to expand any kitchen’s set of tools, cookware and equipment. The new product line is also poised to empower youth communities and broaden local consciousness of culinary arts. Hiren Mirchandani, Masflex KitchenPro Marketing Manager, pointed out that portion of Masflex KitchenPro’s sales will go towards culinary education scholarships as well as culinary livelihood programs.

Chef Gene’s Masflex KitchenPro Culinary Knife Collection is available in all leading department stores nationwide. For more information on the collection, visit and You can also Chef Gene teach you how to properly use knives through his instructional knife skills videos on

For more information you can contact:

Janine Dela Cruz – Marketing Officer  – /   (+63) 906-745-6390

Hiren Mirchandani –  Marketing Manager – /   966-86-85   /   0917-526-21-21

Chef Gene Gonzalez –