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Hefty Lunch at the Beach



This was our lunch ala boodle fight at the beach last week when we arrived at Villa Noe Resort, in Cagbalete island a 45-minute boat ride from the town of Mauban, Quezon Province. Last summer outing before the rainy season sets in during this long weekend.boodle1

The boys in the family prepared all these hefty meals, from cooking rice to grilled seafood (crabs and stuffed squids), fried fish, pork/chicken adobo with eggs, and longganisa (sausage).

boodle2 boodle3

We also had Indian mangoes with sauteed shrimp paste to go with it, ripe bananas, the food were spread in the banana leaves, use bare hands for eating, to have the beach feel of the moment 🙂 with water and soda for the drinks.

Nothing really compared when you dine with your loved ones. One summer vacation experience we will never forget. Just watching all these photos made me drool again, lol. How about you, how did you spend or will spend your summer (as in other countries, summer has just begun)?


Cordon Bleu ala Burger King

In a recent no-plan-but-let’s-go-out strategic move made by one of our friends, I together with, no lower than, 10 members of our team decided to have lunch outside in an effort to cement some form of camaraderie (due to the fact that we have been members of the same team for only a month now) before they go on to train for another department.

Burger King

While we all had our different preferences, I decided to go with the Gordon Bleu Sandwich if only to prove if it is like the real thing. And I must say, that I was not disappointed.  In fact, I found it so yummy that I kept telling my friends that it is so good that you can almost compare it to the real thing.

The only thing that would stop me from having it everyday is that the meal itself is a bit pricey than what I would care to spend everyday. At P185 with regular fries and drinks, P220 to go large, I find it a bit straining budget-wise and would opt to dine again here if for special reasons.

Our Noche Buena

Our typical Noche Buena – Ham, hotdogs, keso de bola, hot chocolate, spaghetti, sliced bread and fruits. Cake is just an add-on coz it’s my birthday too. 🙂

It is our tradition that at exactly 12 midnight of Dec. 24th on Christmas eve, there will be food on the table for the whole family to feast on to welcome and celebrate the birth of Christ. This tradition dates back to the time of the Spanish regime, when Christianity was taught to our forefathers more than 400 years ago and was passed on by our great great great grandparents to their children to the new generation and still practice  up to this day. There maybe other religions that come our way but this tradition will never die. It becomes part of the Filipino Culture.