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Kare-kare (beef stew in peanut sauce)

If you happen to visit the Philippines, don’t leave before you tasted this authentic local cuisine. Always a part of the feast table in every occasion just like the famous ‘Lechon‘ (roasted pig). Kare-kare is a beef stew with thickened peanut sauce.

There are different variations as to the meat ingredient. You can either use the sirloin part of the beef, oxtail, face skin(maskara), intestine and tripe or a combination of all of them.


  1. Pechay(bok choy)
  2. string beans (sitaw) cut into 2 inches sizes
  3. eggplant slice about half inch thick
  4. banana heart/bud (puso ng saging) slice same as the eggplant, blanched first (optional)
  5. 1 med. onion chopped
  6. atsuete for color (soaked in 1 cup water)
  7. 100 gms. ground peanut or peanut butter for more taste
  8. 100 gms. rice powder


  • If you are using the innards, boil first in water and a little salt for a few minutes then discard the water, this is to remove any unsavory taste or smell.
  • Boil again in another set of fresh water with chopped/diced onions. Simmer until the meat is tender which usually took 1 to 1-1/2 hours if not using pressure cooker.
  • When meat is done, add the peanuts and rice to thicken the stock, stir occasionally.
  • Add the veggies starting from the banana heart (if preferred), then string beans, eggplant and pechay (note: veggies should be half-cooked only)
  • Add the atsuete juice for color. Season with a little bit of salt as it’s best served with sauteed shrimp paste or bagoong.


YS#14 & WE#10: Sotanghon Soup

Summer is always on it’s highest temperature but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying a bowl of Sotanghon (Vermicelli Noodles) Soup. When hubby asked me while I’m eating a hot soup in this very  hot summer, I asked him back, “Why do you eat ice cream on snowy winter time?” 😀

I cooked it in a very simple way. I sautee the onions and garlic,then I add the left over meatballs that hubby did not used from his Spaghetti the other night,then add water,let it boil for a minute and I added the noodles. I also used chicken buillon to add more flavor. I notice I still have a matchstick carrots in the fridge and I decided to add it for a li’l color. I usually add Green Onions but I do not have it on hand.

It was good and even my youngest son enjoys it.  A nurse friend told me that they also served this kind of food at the center where she work. I’m not sure if it’s true because I’m not there to see it myself  but I want to take her word for it.

Field Trip Food

This are the food we enjoyed at the field trip today. I have posted a little bit about it in my other blog, Smart Mommy. Since the group of parents are with multi-cultural background, the principal make sure that the food they prepared is ok for everybody to consume. Turkey Ham and Roast Beef sandwich,some cookie,chips and salad that was on the last end of the table,that’s why you can’t see it on the pic. :)

The food was provided FREE,just like the whole trip. They also lent us to use a Nikon binoculars during the hiking trip to see the animals a lot closer without disturbing them. Someone who decided to have their lunch outside saw a Bald Eagle flying in the area. The whole trip was not only fun but also fulfilling in our tummy. :yes:

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