Monthly Archives: November 2011

I Heart Steamed Veggies

Was there a time when your taste buds want something simpler, when sauces and spices have lost their appeal? This actually happens to me. Where my palate will search for the natural flavor of the veggies without the help of any condiments and with only a butter or a little salt to compliment them. The sweetness of these veggies is enough to make me drool. Eating nutritious food like this is relative to Physician Jobs as all of them proclaim healthy living that only natural food can give.

Picnic and Safety

Picnic is one of the best moments of  family bonding. Lots of food and great fun for kids and adult alike. Summer is the most often season that families travel and find a place to celebrate. They usually go to the beach or resorts and bring their food baskets, have their picnic there and go for a swim. These happy events should not be marred by fateful  incidents like being drowned in the sea or in the pool. When staying in a resort, have a watchful eye for your kids while swimming or  make sure there’s a lifeguard on duty at all time and if possible prevent them from going to deep pools with no pool fence dallas. It’s always the safety of the family that comes first.

(image credit fr. clipart)

New Taste

The continuation of my Italian food trip at Lemuria Restaurant. The first two dishes are actually my favorite, since they are new to my palate.

This is a stuffed patola – I first taught that the green thing is a Japanese nori, but later found out that it was patola (sponge guord) and stuffed with sauteed ground meat. The sweetness of the vegetable compliments the meat stuffing.

This one is shrimp (definitely not grilled nor fried) so I guessed it was boiled or steamed and underneath was coleslaw with a bit of spicy sauce, which gave a nice tangy bite to the tongue.

The crispy Italian bread as side dish to the pasta meal.