Puto Bumbong – Rice cake

Puto BumbongI’ve been craving for this food for a while since I wasn’t able to eat it last Christmas, because Puto Bumbong is very much associated with this holiday season specially during the traditional Simbang Gabi or Misa de Gallo (an evening mass from the 16th of Dec. till 24th) a snack people eat after attending the mass.

It’s not everyday you can find this snack anywhere so it’s only once a year you can taste it unless you’ll find a specialty food store that serves it or make your own at home. And thanks to my son for bringing this puto bumbong home together with a bibingka (another local rice cake) and that’s solved my cravings. lol.

Puto bumbong is  a Filipino sweet delicacy made from purple-colored glutenous rice, placed in a small bamboo pipe and steamed, when cooked, set in a banana leaf, spread with butter and topped with freshly grated coconut meat and sugar.

Fish for Dinner? Top Cooking Tips

fresh fish recipe
Many people who cook at home for their families do so every single day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A lot of home chefs will rack up thousands of meals in a year or so, and that really is an impressive amount of time cooking.

However, many home chefs are still afraid of cooking fish, relegating it to something they can only eat when they go out for a meal. The fact is that cooking fish doesn’t have to be something that you’re afraid of any longer.

Use these tips to help you prepare delicious, healthy fish right from the comfort of your own home. You’ll save money and you’ll have extra dishes in your repertoire.

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